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Arafes 2013

I finally received my Arafes 2013 DVD in the mail! I must save, I LOVE the arrangement of “A Day In Our Life”! Jun+Ohno’s rapping + Nino on Ohno’s riffs = perfection! 

And I must say, Ohno really stood out for me during this concert. Usually, I would say it’s pretty even across the board, but for whatever reason I thought Ohno really shined. But, I have been thinking that a lot lately with Ohno, even during the variety shows. :)

I also received my limited edition copy of “Dare Mo Shiranai”. I think I’m going to stop buying the LE copies because all they do now is have the PV and no makings. That was the only reason why I started buying the LE’s in the first place for the PV makings! Come on Johnny’s give us more behind the scenes! 

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